Thursday, 19 February 2009

A Day With A Difference

Today in Benidorm there was a casting session for "extras" for the upcoming series 3 of the popular ITV comedy, "Benidorm", see the cast below...
The audtions were held between 2pm and 6pm at the Melia Hotel in the Rincon de Loix area, and were very well attended indeed! I myself went along - well, I could do with the cash and why not hey!? - and was quite (maybe naively) amazed to see tens of people there... within the half an hour I had to wait to be seen I counted about 100 people, so I would say well over 1000 people turned up during the few hours the agency was there to see them, and I know they started seeing people well before the 2pm start too..

All that was required was a few details then a snapshot or two (I put on my best cheesy smile, how embarrassing, lol!) and then it was "Next!" and on to the rest of the hordes... The filming starts on Monday for the lucky successful applicants - in particular the lucky "special" extras who will get paid more, we were told rather mysteriously - and continues right on til the end of May, therefore they said lots and lots of people will be needed, and to wait for a phone call with details of what to wear, and where to turn up, if you are picked! All sorts of people were there, of all ages and walks of life but mostly Brits, the only stipulation was that you were "English looking".. I thought a group of biker-type guys and gals that turned up were particularly cool, with their shaved dyed hair and piercings and tattoos and leather waistcoats.. hope they think up a storyline to fit them into - not that they couldn't just be lying about on sunloungers on their hols of course!! Many people didn't have the correct papers to be able to work in Spain even though they live here, so they've been sent away to get them at the police station in the Old Town.. I would think the place will be mobbed tomorrow, and it's normally chaotic enough down there! Anyway, fingers crossed that I get a call but I'm really not expecting it.. but at the reasonable daily rates they're paying I might just hope that little bit harder!

After meeting my husband for a shandy or two to tell him all the goss, we walked up to our apartment for lunch then a little siesta, as you do... When I woke up I made a shepherds pie for tea, and watched from my kitchen window as the sky changed from hazy blue to burnt orange and then a glorious dusty pink..
It was a beautiful sunset, with a blazing red orb of setting sun.

Unfortunately, we have a rather handy little corner-type shop under our apartment block, and I just couldn't resist going in today for a quick look around, even though I actually didn't need anything and wasn't really hungry either, ahem.. anyway, I came out with these rather smashing looking Animalitos! (little animals) which look rather like the Cadburys animals my Mum always used to buy me as a child.. and has often bought me since when I've been back to England to visit her, thanks Mum.. anyway, as suspected, they were awfully sweet (the Spanish have SUCH a sweet tooth!) and rather tea-biscuity rather than proper-biscuity... however, of course, I got used to the taste rather quickly and if the words fiddler and elbow mean anything to you in the same sentence, then you can guess how many are left!! heh heh
So a pretty mixed and slightly unusual day, but hopefully a fruitful one.. and if not, ahh well, you can only try can't you! Have a good evening xx

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  1. I cant believe you actually found some choccy animals, trust you to sniff em out! not that you`ll be tempted to go and get any more...ha lovely sunset piccies, and fingers crossed for the auditionxx