Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Enchanted City...

Well, it's a most miserable day here today, all grey skies and rainclouds, so I thought I'd show you somewhere my hubby and I have visited in Spain... also on a rather miserable day! But we still set out in our car back in November 2002, determined to see all the sights the region offered, to "La Ciudad Encantada".. or the Enchanted City, which lies about 35kms north of the city of Cuenca.

The Ciudad Encantada is an amazing natural site of limestone rock formations, and you are allowed to wander freely round the structures.. most of them are named after objects or animals etc.. although some have been named rather optimistically! and you'd really have to use your imagination to guess what they were supposed to be, lol...
The formation above is called "The Theatre" and is a photo I have downloaded off the Web.. it must have been too wet and windy for me to have taken a pic of it myself at the time!

This impressive outcrop is called The High Tor, and as
you can see I am absolutely dwarfed by it.

This structure is called The Mushroom, and is one of the more obviously named stones...

And I can't find the names for these massive rocks behind me, but maybe they should be
called The Sentries, as they look like they're guarding an entrance to something
magical and mysterious, don't you think?
You can just see my husband standing in the cave entrance in the bottom right hand corner in this photo.. trying not to slip over I should imagine, as it really was a wet and wild day!

Here is the official link to the website if you are ever travelling that way, and
are interested in visiting this magical and unusual place:
Well that was a lovely trip down memory lane for me! and the rain has now stopped.. but the mountains have still got their heads buried in cloud so I don't think we're in for much of a bright day.. best I get the kettle on then, and cosy up with a book or some tv! Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody x

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  1. Enchanted it certainly is, lovely photos, I couldnt believe the size of the High Tor, nor the fact it looks upside down! no sugar for me...and a biscuitxx