Saturday, 14 February 2009

Welcome To My World!

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post! This is an account of my life here in Spain - good and bad - and my daily thoughts, pictures, and any other bits and bobs I fancy adding really!

To the left, is a picture of the imposing Puig Campana mountain that dominates the skyline of Benidorm, it is pronounced pweesh campana as the name is in valenciano, as opposed to the traditional castellano, which is the "standard" Spanish used in the majority of Spain. Benidorm is situated in the Comunidad de Valencia,and many people speak both dialects, especially those in more rural areas.

It is possible to climb the Puig Campana, and there are many hikers and joggers routes up, down and around it! I have only been a little way up it, along an established route, and the views were amazing, see below. This photo is taken directly from my apartment terrace, and I love gazing out at the mountain and seeing it in all the different lights and weather and seasons..

I hope through my blog you will see that the resort of Benidorm is many things - inspiring, beautiful, clean, frustrating, ever-changing.. and yes, more than a little tacky in places, but only because that's what the tourists have demanded over the years!

Anyway, I love it most of the time, and hope you will enjoy it with me too x

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  1. Lovely first blog, love the photos, and the lay out will be backxx