Monday, 16 February 2009

Hello again, well it's a gorgeous day here today, and I woke rather late - thanks to my upstairs neighbours alarm going off intermittently for over an hour at 7am, hence sending me into a deep sleep when it finally stopped, grrr - to a warm sunny day, with a moderate temperature of 13 degrees, and a happy heart! Funny how the sunshine always makes things seem that little bit better.. The pictures above and below are some of the old Spanish villas that are dotted around the area I live in.. complete with pools, stone fountains, and plenty of glossy green palm trees.. I always find it a bit sad that they are now sandwiched in between so many towering apartment blocks, bars and restaurants...
However, they are very pretty and well kept too, even though the villa by itself at the top seems to be abandoned.. I imagine it was once a bustling family home in the 1960's before the resort grew to the monster it is today, or maybe the owners just use it for Summer sojourns to the Costa Blanca, who knows?

I spotted a plane soaring into the sky at about lunchtime, he seemed very close (relatively) when I zoomed in on him with my camera on video-mode.. I would assume it had taken off from Alicante but wouldn't have thought I could have seen it so well, then again from my high-up apartment you can see for miles, quite literally..

Unfortunately he zoomed overhead too quickly for me to capture him! and when I raced out onto my balcony he was just a speck in the sky, disappearing into the hazy sunlight..

After appreciating the views, which I do on a daily basis, I made this warming pork chop and pepper casserole for tea tonight.. as although I'm in Spain it is after all only February, and still pretty nippy at night! I thought this dish would do just right for a late supper, with lots of fresh vegetables and maybe a glass of wine, or two, beforehand heh heh..

And so to siesta now... well, I have had a busy day haven't I! lol... xx

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  1. Lovely old fashioned villas, much as I love Benidorm, I would imagine it was very pretty when there were no `high rise apartment blocks` perhaps you could find some pictures of the `old benidorm`. Lovely porky teax