Saturday, 28 February 2009

A Trip To London - Part One

I have just come back from a much needed and enjoyed trip to London with my husband, and thought I would share some of my photos with you...

Above is the London Eye, or the Millenium Wheel (as it opened in 2000) and a "flight" on it offers fantastic views across the whole of London. You can even book to say your wedding vows on it! and it is Britain's most popular paid-for visitor attraction.

If you visit London, I can recommend the best tube stop to get off at - to see a large amount of sights in one small area - is Westminster. From here you can see right along the Thames, and of course Big Ben above,

the London Eye,

this majestic statue of Boudicea, by Thomas Thornycroft,

and of course the iconic, and important, Houses of Parliament. This is a peek into a beautiful carved passageway which I took through the railings,

and this is of course Sir Winston Churchill, known chiefly for his leadership of the United Kingdom in World War II, standing proud in Parliament Square.

I liked the way Big Ben (which is of course the bell, not the tower) peeked over the buildings here...

and this is my husband peering up at the Jewel Tower across the road, which was built around 1365, to house Edward III's personal treasure and wardrobe, and now hosts an exhibition about the Houses of Parliament and House of Lords.

This is The Royal College of St Peter in Westminster, this picture is taken from Dean's Yard, the lucky pupils that attend here can expect the highest Oxbridge acceptance rate of any secondary school or college in the UK!

And what a fantastic building to learn in it must be....

Join me again tomorrow for more pics and history from London! Seeya then x

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  1. Stunningly lovely photos, I felt I was their. Look forward to tomorrowsxx