Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Anyone For A Swim?

I woke to a gorgeously sunny but hazy day today, and as I was standing in my kitchen cooking, window flung open, it dawned on me how many pools there were within eyeshot of my apartment!
Not a great surprise considering I live in a holiday resort of course, but so many variations.. so here's a photo tour of those I spied today!

Some were kidney shaped, half in the shade, and waiting for their first visitor of the day..

Some were totally in shade, waiting for the sun to come round and shine upon them once again..

Some were tucked away, in a palm tree-filled oasis..

And some were waiting for an overhaul before the Summer's hotel visitors arrive to take advantage of all the fun to be had - slipping and sliding and shooting water at each other..

Some were standing proud in full glorious sunshine, with water rippling in the light breeze..

And some were tucked away in the grounds of a private villa, wondering if their owners would ever return, and give them a much neeeded clear out of the pine needle pile-up the Winter brought..

Some were waiting for the holidaymakers to finish their English breakfasts, or wake from hangovers and come and sample the delights of their plastic sunloungers and pool bar..

And one, the most delightful of all, was just waiting for anyone to swim in it, windsurf on it, paddle in it, or just gaze upon it.. the biggest pool of all in the area.. the Mediterranean Sea!
Hope your day is full of sunshine too x


  1. Wow, I felt like I was on vacation. My kids would flip with all that fun water to play in.

  2. Lovely, I enjoyed seeing all the different shapes and sizes, and the sea looks beautiful, with a misty horizonxx