Sunday, 15 March 2009

Rincon de Loix Falla

The area of Benidorm I live in is called the Rincon de Loix, and today I went down to see the falla for my area.

There was an underwater/seaside theme,

complete with stripey beach huts and Neptune,

buxom ladies and nude ladies,

and this jolly montage of crab, starfish and sun!

I couldn't understand the notes in castellano and valenciano very well, but it seemed to me that the underlying message was the greed that the resort has perpetuated over the years.. here you can see a treasure chest, and a treasure map, with Alicante and Benidorm marked on it.

And these two shady characters must surely be sharks... property sharks maybe?!?

These bright seahorses were very cute, the detail and colour is amazing,

and this pair are pondering over each other, and the tapas menu behind them, I think!

The childrens falla also had an underwater theme,

including this sweet smiling mermaid, holding a candy pink heart.

There were even a couple of funfair rides ready to spark into action - I particularly fancied the Rodeo Loco! - heh heh,

complete with majestic lookout Torero.

As it was such a gorgeous day today, and the temperature soaring into the 20s, I decided to stroll further along the Levante beach,

past a hidden Spanish villa, complete with a blue tiled dome, (which is typical of the area, especially on churches),

and this beautiful red spiky plant in its' gardens... sorry, I have no idea of the name!!

These cheery windowboxes caught my eye, on an apartment block overlooking the sea,

and the mountains were as clear as day, in the still , hot air.

Even the palm trees were making their own artwork in the sand!

After all this hard work - and stupidly having worn a jumper! - I thought I deserved an ice cream as I ambled; sadly the shop didn't actually have any ice creams of this size, but I could soon have polished one off if they did!

Join me tomorrow for more fiestas fun x


  1. What a lovely blog, I enjoyed seeing the fallas, and all the excellent work gone into them. Also loved walking in the sun along the front, and seeing all the interesting flowers, trees etc., wish I`d been with youxxx

  2. They really go all out with those fallas - what excitement - and the ice cream looked great.

  3. oh i love the big ice cream hahaha

  4. Very lovely entry and colorfull images,interesting indeed.Thanks.