Friday, 27 March 2009

Summer (Season) Is Coming!

This morning I was woken by a phone call from my husband, to tell me that the people who are filming the 3rd series of the ITV comedy "Benidorm" here in town at the moment, are looking for more extras - according to an agency scout who came into one of our local bars yesterday.
I pointed out to my hubby that I had already turned up for the casting day a couple of weeks ago and heard nothing... but the scout had apparently said that they may have taken down some people's telephone numbers wrongly, plus a lot of people have stopped turning up for filming, due to other work commitments/being fed up with long days spent hanging around doing nothing, etc etc...

So! I pulled some clothes on, ran a brush through my mop, and rushed down to their current place of filming... they were setting up a scene in a place that I know to be a tapas bar, but had become a burnt out "Mo's Mobiles" shop for the day! There didn't seem to be anyone around in charge, so I plucked up courage and asked a member of the film crew if they were looking for any more workers... but he didn't know anything about it, and said they weren't filming any scenes using extras for the next 2 or 3 weeks at all!

There was no-one to leave my details with so I mosied on back home... oh well, I enjoyed the walk down there and back, and the sun on my face, but ultimately came away empty-handed which was a bit disappointing! Work here is very thin on the ground at the moment due to the economic climate, and the poor Euro rate against the pound, and I could have really used the wages... But so it goes.. it just clearly wasn't meant to be!

On a cheerier note, the views out to sea today are beatifully misty and alluring...

but inland the sky is clear as a bell, and the Puig Campana mountain stands out in sharp relief against the sky and the many high-rise apartment blocks below, you can see from this zoomed-in pic, the "small chunk" the mountain has missing, is probably large enough for a small crowd to stand in, if you were actually up there! The mountain stands at 1,410m high and has many hiking and climbing routes around and up it.. if you dare!

Across the road, the staff at the hotel have been busy, and yesterday they were jet-washing their pool area, ready for the coming season,

the building is currently closed except for weekends, and any guests that have booked for this accommodation are being sent to one of their sister hotels in the local area.

The ladies were very productive with their washing and what looked like vacuuming (!) methodically clearing away all the silt and mud that the Winter brought,

but as you can see the terraced area around the pool is looking a bit sun-damaged and flaky,

and I really don't think there's much that can be done for this waterslide, as the sun has just faded it to weak blotchy pastels, rather than the bright hues it once was!

Today however, has brought a fresh coat of aquamarine paint for the whole area, which I think makes it look a lot fresher and more attractive,

and I'm sure their next job will be to drain and refill the pool, as there are definitely some undesirable green areas lurking under that bridge!

There is a definite feeling of Summer approaching in the air today - yes Summer, although I know some of you who read my blog would be happy just for Spring right now! - and with the whoops and cheers I can hear from nearby swimming pools, and the gentle breeze blowing through my wide-open windows, long may it continue! ... and may some of the sunshine and warmth come your way soon too!

Rachel x


  1. I love your posts! I would have been excited too about the "extra" position in town. What a bummer though to have to go back home so soon.

    I love the pictures of the hotel pool and a cool angle overhead like that. I get a great dose of sunshine when I come to your blog! Keep it up!

  2. Shame about the job, perhaps you`ll hear something more at a later date, you`ll have to keep your ears open. Lovely pearly grey and pink photo, and as always lovely Puigxxx