Saturday, 28 March 2009

I'm A Lumberjack And I'm Okay

The weather changed dramatically yesterday afternoon, and the skies suddenly turned to a foreboding grey,

and by the time my husband and I left for our local pub in the evening, the rain started to spit - and then teem down upon us! So an extra beer was in order to warm us through, naturally, heh heh heh...

So turning my thoughts to sunnier days this week, the villa in front of our apartment block decided to have a "trim"...

and the lumberjacks were called in to fell some of the pines, and generally tidy up a bit, ready for the coming Summer season.

There was huge amounts of buzzing and roaring of chainsaws as you would imagine,

and a pile of limbs and branches grew steadily on the ground,

and were then neatly chopped into more manageable pieces!

Finally the truck came to take the wood; I would imagine someone would be very happy with that amount of logs and kindling for their fire! especially maybe in one of the inland or mountain villages, where mornings and nights are much, much colder than here right on the coast.

Friday night brought a gorgeous sunset, with endless peaches and cream stretching across the mountains as the sun slowly faded away,

which later turned to the most spectacular purples and pinks,

- isn't Nature beautiful! -
and eventually settled into a misty mauve, spreading all along the coastline.
Thanks for visiting today - and please come back soon! I'm making a chunky tortilla this afternoon, for my husbands' and my supper, so I'll save you a slice x


  1. Lovely old Puig with a cloudy hat on. Did the air smell `piney` with all the wood being cut? Lovely sunset, such beautiful colours, I`ll just pop over for a lovely piece of that tortilla and a chatxxx

  2. Gorgeous sunset! Glad to see China isn't the only place with crazily changeable weather at the moment - we had snow today!