Tuesday, 10 March 2009

H is For...


For this weeks ABC Wednesday.. well my first ever week actually.. I thought I would post you some photos of my trip to Windsor back in November..

I had been before as a child, and remember peeking out from the ramparts, but this day my husband and I just walked around the town, as the castle itself was closed.

It has a very heraldic, olde-worlde English charm to it..

and there is evidence of history at every turn.

This is Long Walk, which leads from the grounds which are parkland, up to the Castle,

and a typical red English postbox out front.. plus a blue one for the most Royal of mail... because the Queen is said to have "blue blood" I wonder?

Some of the houses, like the one to the left of the photo, are a bit crooked and lean a little..

... where other more regal abodes most definitely do not!!

I loved the trailing ivy around this magnificent old turret and archway...

it was a lovely stroll around a most historic part of England.
Hope you enjoyed my first ABC post, unfortunately I can't get the hang of the link! but I will work on it.. see you next week!
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  1. Lovely photos, enjoyed my tour of Windsor, a tea shoppe would have been nice though, and a slice of cake haxxx

  2. Thank you for allowing me to accompany you on this tour of Windsor. It has that aura of authentic history.

  3. This really is a lovely potted history with a fabulous image guide.

  4. I love your sense of perspective.wow!I'm learning alot about alot of things I never knew about,today,on ABC Wednesday

  5. I have been to England only once, and that is years and years ago. I will be back for sure - whith my camera :) Great photo-collection :)

  6. Really magnificent photos! I've been to a number of places in Europe, haven't been to England. Have read so much about Windsor Castle, but these are the best shots ever! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Beautiful photos - your header was the one that captured my heart, though. I could be happy right there. Right there.

  8. Wonderful pictures and the 'tour' made it almost seem I was there! Good choice for "H".

    And welcome, BTW, to ABC Wednesday....I look forward to see what you post next week!

  9. Wonderful photos and interesting reading, thank you for sharing your H with us.



  10. We visited Windsor many years ago. It is a very historic place worth to visit. Did you go into the Chinese restaurant? It does not look very historitic!!

  11. Oh, I haven't been to Windsor for years! Decades!! Thank you for that. I recognised it instantly, because it's a very distinctive place.

    Pretty good for a first ABC! :)

  12. Welcome, welcome! And thanks for taking me on your tour of a place I really hope to visit some day.
    Happy Wednesday!

  13. First I would like to Thank You for droping by my blog.Your letter H for Historic is perfect choice.
    It was nice to know that England has many historic or heritage building.Thanks for sharing.

  14. Great first post for ABC Wednesday :) Thanks for the whistlestop tour of my home country. I do miss its excentric style, looking forward to visiting in June.

  15. Just lovely - thanks for the tour.