Friday, 20 March 2009

We Are Sailing, We Are Sailing...

... or Messing About On Boats!

From my balcony window, I often like to gaze out over the Mediterranean, and there is always a new boat to spot, spiriting away into the distance...

Sometimes it is the ferry from Benidorm to Calpe, taking the holidaymakers along the coast to see the fish market, and the imposing Penon de Ifach rock,

and sometimes it is a lone pleasure boat, anchored happily in the sunshine,

minding its' own business and just enjoying the view.

Other times it is one of the ferries taking passengers over to the Isle of Benidorm (see "I is for..." blog) - this one is particularly distinctive in its' red and yellow livery,

and sometimes it's the little blue and white boat, heading back to the Old Town harbour.

The view is always changing, and I find it very restful, especially when the gulls are gliding gracefully overhead, and I can escape the real world for a little while...
Thanks for visting! x


  1. oh I feel abit sea sick after that! lol, no it was lovely to see all the different vessels, and the lovely blue sea, wish I`d been on