Friday, 6 March 2009

We had terrible winds yesterday evening and all through the night which I hate - being high up we tend to feel every draught and blast - and our apartment window frames were rattling and creaking, palm trees were bent double in the strong breeze, and car alarms were going off in the distance, disturbed by the strong gusts!
World No. 1 tennis player Rafa Nadal, along with the rest of the Spanish team, were due to play Serbia in the Davis Cup today, here in Benidorm.. but the fierce winds had caused too much damage to the mobile grandstands, and the event has been postponed.

Today has been a lot calmer though thank goodness,

and we have had some beautiful sunshine and clear skies,

followed by a glimmering golden sunset,

with dusk finally setting in, giving way to stunning views up the coastline towards Alicante...

To finish the day off, I noticed my husband had been shopping at the Spanish supermarket... I can't wait to try that can of "backed" beans.. ahem... backed with what I wonder? ... Well, I'll just have to let you know when I try them won't I! lol.. x

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  1. Glad the wind has died down, lovely sunset pictures, all rose and gold. Hope the beans turn out to be as wonderful as they sound!xx