Saturday, 21 March 2009

Dedicated To My Mum...

Today's blog is dedicated to my lovely Mum on this special Mothering Sunday...

... So here's wishing you an exceptional and very Happy Mothers Day, Mum!

.. for being there for me over the years, and always being a friend to me, as well as a Mum.

And even though you're working today, which is a crying shame... I hope you can try and find the time to take a lovely big bath full of relaxing, scented bubbles,

eat a mouthwatering chunk of chocolate or two - or three, or four,

... oh sod it! Just eat the whole bar in one! ;-)

Maybe you can find a quiet moment to leaf through the pages of a much loved book, or journal,

or get stuck into a brand new novel you've been waiting to start,

and perhaps indulge in something creamy and calorific, just to lift your mood! :-)

I send you roomfuls of the sweetest, wildest flowers, the sort that are hidden away at the bottom of the garden, or a fairy glen,

and the fresh, vibrant aromas of the greenest meadows full of butterflies and sunshine, to take you away on a daydream of Summer days to come.
I wish you two furry mingers - Abbey and Blue - beside you, purring and kneading and showing their appreciation for looking after them so well,

and keeping you company while you do your hobbies,

and I send you HUUUUGGEEE armfuls of hugs!!

and tons of smiles, and love, and miss-you's,

and of course, to finish, more than a touch of something gorgeous, wonderful and magical!

This picture says it all!

I wish you a very Happy Mothers Day my dearest Mum, and please know that I am thinking of you today, as every day; may all your dreams come true, and your life be happy and content in everything that you do.

Love, your daughter xxxx


  1. What lovely sentiments. Your mother is indeed very lucky.

  2. Thank you my darling daughter, for that lovely blog, it was delightful in every wayxxx