Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Carboot Find Finally Released!

I bought this smashing Indian bell tower ornament about six months ago from a carboot sale in England... as you can just about see on the base, it was only £1 so a real bargain.. but somehow I knew even then, that it would take me a little while to get round to cleaning it.. and of course I was right! ;-)

It's six little bells are so sweet, and it seems such a shame to have this lovely wee ornament locked away in a drawer..

.. so today for my "blog project" (I need all the motivation I can get!) I decided to finally clean it! - armed with Silvo and a ream of kitchen towel.

To say I am slightly undomesticated would be a bit harsh... I'm more of a lazy toad really, lol.. I like the cleaning when it's done.. but can't very often be bothered with doing it in the first place! Hmmm.. anyway, here are the bells all smothered in Silvo (I'm out of Brasso, and you can't buy it over here unfortunately) looking hopeful for a new, shinier life...

.. and I thought while I was at it, I may as well dunk my wedding and eternity rings in the liquid too! So I popped them in a ring-bath, ie. the top of the Silvo pot!

This is a dramatic before and after.. heh heh.. well, actually, I was a bit disappointed they weren't a bit more golden and gleaming! But having thought about it, lots of those Indian type things are more of a dull gold aren't they.. say yes, please ... anyway, I did rub hard, honest! so they're as good as they can be..

This is the final cleaned product, which I think is a vast improvment to how it was.. I am unsure about the wooden "beater" that came with it though, might take that off later, it looks a little unoriginal to me and spoils the effect.

A close up of the top bell!

And this is just an arty shot really - well, sort of - to show you what a superbly sunny day it is here today, and how gorgeous and clear the Mediterranean is; perfect Summer holiday weather, and only the beginning of March..

.. Oh, and my rings cleaned up a treat too! Pity this shot makes my hands look 100 years old though!! Enjoy your weekend and please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you x


  1. Lovely sparkly bells (I`ll just get my shades)lol
    and gleaming pretty rings, weather and arty shots very excellentxxx

  2. Those came out so sparkly - and I can almost hear them tinkle - what a fun trinket. Enjoyed your trip to the museum too. And Happy Anniversary - a tad late.